ITY Fabric: Three Reasons to Choose It

ITY fabric is one of the most versatile materials out there due to its design and comfort. Whether you’re creating flowy maxi dresses for summer or soft leggings for athleisurewear, ITY knit fabric provides the perfect amount of stretch and longevity to your products that your customers will appreciate.

While there are endless benefits to choosing ITY fabric for your next collection, here are the top three reasons every designer should know about.

  1. Natural Elasticity and Comfort. ITY fabric is primarily made from polyester with a small percentage of spandex. This makes the material naturally stretchy and never constricting for consumers to wear. The flexible characteristics of ITY fabric make it perfect for everything from skirts to dancewear and more.
  2. Resists Pilling. Some fabrics are more prone to pilling than others, but ITY knit fabric isn’t one of them. Regardless of how the material is washed, whether by hand or machine, the fabric will remain the same – smooth and soft. This means that every time customers wear an item made with ITY material, it’ll look almost as new as the day they bought it.
  3. Durability. Clothing made from quality ITY fabric can last for years. The durable nature of the material helps it to withstand even the harshest of wash cycles, allowing consumers to enjoy their favorite item of clothing season after season.

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