ITY Fabric by the Yard

Interlock twist yarn fabric, or ITY fabric, is a tightly woven fabric that keeps cool, elastic, and soft to the touch thanks to that twist feature of the fabric. Express Knit offers ITY fabric by the yard and is a good contender for garments like activewear. The 2-way stretch allows the fabric to be flexible so that anyone wearing your garments can bend and kneel comfortably. The 50-50 stretch against and along the grain will ensure the fabric is not worn out and deteriorating in a short amount of time, making it a good fabric for exercise and other physical activities. While we don’t offer ITY knit fabric wholesale, by offering ITY fabric by the yard, we can fulfill orders to your exact specifications, so you have exactly what you need for your projects. Check out what we have to offer and get the ITY solid knit fabric you need for your business or project today!

  • Fiber Content: 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
  • Width: 58"-60"
  • Stretch: 2-way stretch, mechanical stretch in opposite direction
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Edge: Straight
  • Weight: Medium 280 GSM