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The wholesale fabric Los Angeles firms like Express Knit Inc. sell is a key element of fashion success. When it comes to purchasing, however, manufacturers and designers need to walk a fine line. Obviously, buying top-quality wholesale fabric online that will bring out the best in a design is always the goal; from a strictly commercial point of view, quality material will help you to sell the product and encourage repeat business. On the other hand, if using a fabric means that you would have to charge more than anyone in your target market is willing to spend, it’s obviously not going to do you any good. Express Knit Inc. understands that large, medium, and small clothes makers don’t want the cheapest product when they’re buying at wholesale, they want the one with the best value – in other words, the quality they need at a price that maximizes profit. Our fabrics offer consumers beauty and comfort while providing fashion professionals with the ability to execute their designs as planned and on budget.

At Express Knit Inc., we also know that customer service is always part of the equation. In any field, time really does translate into money and a wholesaler who takes up too much of your time because of poor management or poorly trained employees is costing you extra money. Our handpicked team is here to help make sure that you understand what you’re getting for your purchase of knit fabric online, and that you get it on schedule. After all, the finest material in the world at the best possible price doesn’t help you if you don’t have it when you need it. We make sure that our products get where they need to be, when we say they will be there.

When you need a wholesale fabric supplier online, our e-commerce functionality makes browsing through our selection of outstanding products simple. Don’t forget to subscribe and take advantage of special offers while you’re at it. When individual service is needed, you can get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable reps via our chat feature, by calling us at 213-683-1515 or by filling out our contact form above or via our online contact form.


Great customer service and great fabrics and prices. Have bought here often Wks


There was a problem with my order and they made it right immediately a fantastic experience!

Erica H.

Received my fabric today and it was just as expected. Gorgeous and perfect for what I need. I will definitely order again. Shipping time was great!


Love my fabrics that I had found on their sight and ordered. Love the choices I can't find around my local stores. Will be ordering more soon.

Pamela G.

Love this company. Very easy to work with. Fabric is always nice. Great job guys!


Fast and efficient service with great prices and excellent customer service!!! 😃

Stephanie T.