ITY Knit Fabric Prints

The ITY fabric for sale here at Express Knit has unique properties that make it perfect for use in all kinds of clothing. ITY stands for interlock twist yarn, which is a specific kind of process that makes the fabric extra breathable and very soft to the touch. These qualities make it an excellent choice for breezy clothing like skirts, blouses, and dresses.

You can check out all our print choices for our wholesale ITY fabric right here. If you want to buy ITY fabric by the yard, our store has a ton of prints to choose from, so you can customize your pieces to your heart’s content. Don’t see exactly what you need? We’ll gladly help you find it.

  • Fiber Content: 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
  • Width: 58"-60"
  • Stretch: 2-way stretch, mechanical stretch in opposite direction
  • Pattern: Print
  • Edge: Straight
  • Weight: Medium