5 Creative Fabric Storage Ideas for Your Home

5 Creative Fabric Storage Ideas for Your Home

How are you storing your fabric right now? Do you have it shoved into a drawer or basket? Then, you have to sift through all the options before you can start creating. What a nightmare!

We’ve got some fresh, creative fabric storage ideas to make searching through your materials a touch easier.

Fabric Filing Cabinet

Utilizing a filing cabinet as a place to store your fabric is smart. You can pull out each drawer and take a peek at the different materials you have available. Learn how to fold your fabric and organize it in filing folders to start projects quickly.

You can even spruce up the filing cabinet. Spray-paint the outside to add a nice pop of color or a hint of glamour to your craft area.

Hangers Inside a Closet

Do you have extra closet space? Seize the inside of a closet as a way to store your fabric. You can use old hangers or purchase trouser hangers for even more storage. Hangers with multiple rods will help maximize the closet in the best way possible.

Repurpose a Crib Rail or Blanket Ladder

Give that old crib a new life by turning it into a fabric storage system. A blanket ladder would also work for this. You’ll be repurposing something that would waste away in a landfill while minimizing the wrinkles on your materials.

Inside an Armoire

If you have an armoire, use it to store your fabric. Simply open the two doors, and voila! You have access to all your fabrics. It’s easier than sifting through drawers in a dresser. Place your other supplies in the spaces below for an all-in-one sewing armoire.

Binder Clips and Pegboard

We’ve saved our most unique and creative idea for last! Head to the store and grab a pegboard and binder clips that fit the pegs’ width. Fold your fabric how you’d like it, use the binder clip to grab that material, and slide it onto the pegboard!

Pegboards are incredibly customizable, and you can easily store more supplies, such as:

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Containers with buttons

The options are endless with a pegboard as your base.

After you’ve purchased new bullet knit fabric from Express Knit, use one of our fabric storage ideas to organize all your beautiful materials. Express Knit offers plenty of options, so you’re sure to find that perfect material for your project. Happy sewing!