5 Facts About Lycra’s History in the Fashion Industry

5 Facts About Lycra’s History in the Fashion Industry

Lycra has been a popular fabric for decades. Have you ever wondered why it became trendy or when? You’ve found yourself in the right place! These are five facts about Lycra’s history in the fashion industry.

It Became Popular in the 1960s

The social change of the 1960s allowed Lycra to grow in popularity. At this time, clothes were becoming more form-fitting, and spandex took over the fashion scene. The introduction of pantyhose allowed for hemlines to rise on skirts and dresses—make way for the miniskirt!

Lycra was popular for swimwear during this decade. Women also started showing more skin during this era, something that was considered taboo in years past.

It’s Popular for Athletes To Wear

Lycra is a popular material used to create athlete’s uniforms, especially in sports where speed matters, such as biking, downhill skiing, and swimming. We first saw this fabric at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. The French men’s alpine ski team wore suits made of Lycra, and they ruled the medal stand. Other countries took note and began crafting uniforms from the renowned fabric. It’s still a popular material for Olympic athletes today.

Transformed Shapewear

In centuries past, women would adorn their bodies with girdles to achieve the “ideal” body shape. These fell out of favor until the 1990s when Lycra helped shapewear reemerge in a transformed way. Women were looking for comfortable support to lift in all the right areas. The sale of these new Lycra shapewear products exploded.

Lycra Became a Household Name in the 1990s

Lycra was the first synthetic yarn to appear in an advertising ad. This ad ran in 1990, and the brand hasn’t looked back since. In 1995, Lycra launched the “nothing moves like Lycra” campaign, and it’s been recognized as a trustworthy and reputable brand since.

Exciting Collaborations

Popular fashion designers paid attention as Lycra continued to make a name for themselves. The Council of Fashion Designers of America named Lycra one of the top apparel innovations of the 20th century in 2000. Fashion designers like Zac Posen, Mathew Williamson, and Julien Macdonald began collaborating with the company to create gorgeous fashion pieces.

If you haven’t gathered from these facts, Lycra has a wonderful and rich history. This fabric is still popular today, especially since reimagined and stretchy athleticwear grew in popularity. You can make your own athleticwear with cotton Lycra knit fabric from Express Knit. You can browse our wide selection of materials on our website anytime.