5 Secrets for Finding Great Value on Fabric

5 Secrets for Finding Great Value on Fabric

You probably know that purchasing fabric can be costly if you’re an avid sewer. Finding a great deal on materials can take some effort, but it’s worth learning all the tricks you can do when you’re on a budget. Express Knit is here to help with these five secrets for finding great value on fabric.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Many stores offer newsletters that customers can sign up for to receive information about special sales and events at the shop. Typically, the store will give you a one-time discount code when you give them your email address. Plus, the business will usually send out more discounts and information about any sales they may have. It’s free to sign up, and you’ll have ways to save money without lifting a finger.

Wait for Sales

Almost everything goes on sale eventually, so if you don’t need it right away, wait until the fabric goes on sale to make the purchase. Companies tend to have large sales a couple of times a year, and it’s a great idea to take advantage and stock up on fabrics.

Only purchase what you need during the sale and avoid buying impulsively. Patience is the key to getting the best deal.

Use Coupons

Don’t delete those coupons that show up in your email! Use them before they expire on materials you need for an upcoming project. Look for ways that you can use the coupon with an ongoing sale. Ensure you read the fine print because sometimes you can’t combine deals and coupons.

Make sure you sign up to receive coupons via email from a few of your favorite fabric distributors. Some will send them through text as well!


Follow your favorite shops on social media platforms so you won’t miss out on any giveaways they may offer during the year. Most businesses keep the process simple to enter, so why not give it a shot? You can enter from the comfort of your couch while scrolling through your feed!

Estate and Yard Sales

This secret for finding great value on fabric can be hit or miss, but if you visit estate and yard sales, you can sometimes find tons of fabric that the owner would otherwise throw out. You may hit the jackpot at one sale and walk away empty-handed at another, but don’t get discouraged. It’s always worth the stop if you have an estate sale nearby. You never know what you may find!

Express Knit is always a great way to find excellent prices on wholesale fabric online. We have a wide variety of materials perfect for your next sewing project.