Affordable ITY Fabric Online

ITY fabric, short for “interlock twist yarn,” is all the rage these days with its soft, stretchy feeling. From athleisure wear to workwear, comfort is in. Any item of clothing made from this cozy material will be worn over and over again. With ITY fabric, garments are not only more comfortable to wear while out for a jog or at the office, but they are also unusually durable. This modern fabric resists pilling better than other fabrics, so clothing items made from ITY fabric can often be washed in a machine worry free.

Express Knit Inc. has a wide selection of affordable ITY knit fabric online, from basic patterns like polka dots to bold geometric prints. With the spring season approaching, be sure to check out our collection of floral print fabrics. This type of pattern is perfect for those spring and summer maxi dresses and skirts. Create eye-catching and stylish leggings with our fabric for your newest collection.

With affordable prices and an extensive selection of high-quality ITY knit fabric, Express Knit Inc. has something for everyone, from DIY hobbyists to wholesale designers. Find the perfect fabric for your next project by calling us at 213-683-1515 or visiting our contact page.