Chiffon Fabric by the Yard

When you’re making elegant clothing designs, chiffon is likely one of the first and finest types of fabric to come to mind. This filmy, see-through fabric has long been seen as the best material to flatter beautiful actors and models as well as more ordinary folk. Fortunately for clothing designer superstars like you, chiffon manufacturing has improved dramatically, allowing the quality of the fabric to go up while lowering the price. Express Knit Inc. has several colors of weaves of chiffon fabric by the yard or in larger quantities. Just ask us for help!  

Chiffon is Higher Quality and More Accessible than Ever

 The word “chiffon” comes from French “chiffe,” meaning transparent, diaphanous, or gauze-like fabric. This type of fabric is a very lightweight weave, which can accent one’s figure, and the clothing or fabric draped underneath the chiffon. 

The twists in modern chiffon fabric weave puckers the fabric in different directions. While this was not part of chiffon originally – the delicate fabric was woven from silk by hand and was very expensive – polyester or synthetic-based chiffons in our current world are much more resilient to wear and tear, while still adding a floating elegance to any dress, skirt, or draping accessory.

Chiffon is One of Many Exquisite Knit Fabrics

Modern chiffon is manufactured with patterns, thousands of color options, and even several thread types to create different weaves and drapes with this unique, knitted fabric. However, perhaps chiffon is not the right fabric to finish your formal wear. Express Knit Inc. has all kinds of knit fabric online, which you can view in our online catalogue.