Choosing a New Fabric Supplier: 6 Questions To Ask

Choosing a New Fabric Supplier: 6 Questions To Ask

Searching for a new source of knit fabric online can be a real challenge. Suppliers are in high demand and don’t have the time to work with clients that don’t have exactly what they want in mind. In order to ensure you’re working with a supplier that will provide everything you need, here are six questions to ask when choosing a new fabric supplier.

The Price, MOQ, and Samples

Getting right down to business, you’ll want to confirm the prices of their services and the fabrics you’re interested in. Similarly, you’ll want to know what their minimum order quantity is so that you’re not paying for more fabric than you can use. After getting an idea of the prices and the minimum amount you’ll need to order, you should ask about sample swatches so that you can feel the texture and inspect whether the fabric fits your needs.

How Many Yards Are in One Roll?

Another factor to consider in regard to price is how many yards of fabric you’ll receive per roll. While you might expect some kind of uniformity between rolls, the amount of fabric you receive depends primarily on the weight of the fabric. Asking this question ensures you’re getting as much bang for your buck as possible.

Do Materials Come in Other Weights?

It never hurts to ask if a material comes in another weight. Not only will the weight affect the number of yards per roll, but it’s possible that you may really like how a fabric feels or looks but find it’s too lightweight or too heavy for the garments you’re hoping to make.

Stock Items, Made-To-Order, and Continuity

Stock items are materials that the vendor has in stock on a regular basis, while made-to-order items will require the vendor to track down and acquire the materials necessary. Thus, made-to-order items often take more time and have greater costs as a result. Continuity, however, refers to whether an order can be made again in the future, and this term applies to both stock and made-to-order products.

From Where and How Long Does It Take To Ship?

After finding the fabrics you want, the next question to ask when choosing a new fabric supplier is from where they ship and how long you should expect to wait for delivery. Furthermore, you’ll likely be responsible for shipping costs, so the distinction of shipping within the country or outside the country is an important factor to consider.

What Are the Payment Terms?

Lastly, as a smaller company or a newer customer, you can expect to be paying full price for everything. As you build up a rapport and prove yourself amicable to work with, a fabric supplier may extend credit terms or offer special discounts for your continued patronage. You should also ask about how they expect payment, whether it be by credit card, wire transfers, or even a physical check.