Essential Tips for Sewing Challenging Fabrics

Essential Tips for Sewing Challenging Fabrics

Knowing how to sew comes in handy, but you sometimes come across a fabric that makes it difficult. What seems like a simple task can turn into a headache as a result. These are essential tips for sewing challenging fabrics to help when you encounter these tricky materials.

Thick and Fragile Fabrics

Once in a while, you’ll have to work with fragile fabrics that easily tear when you attempt to cut them. Long-bladed scissors are better at cutting through these materials. Guide your hand with a heavy ruler to exert less stress on the fabric. Soaking such materials in lukewarm water can yield better results as well.

Another tool you can try is a rotary cutter. Placing strips of starched fabric under the seams will deliver extra strength when you begin sewing. Pick the materials off the back when the sewing is complete. Ensure you use fine, sharp needles.

Use a craft knife when cutting through thick fabrics, such as leather. To keep your needle from breaking, use a leather-graded heavy needle. Store thick materials rolled up like a poster to prevent creases from forming in them.

Slippery and Furry Fabrics

The issue with slippery fabrics is that slipping happens while you’re trying to cut or sew them. Take two layers of tissue paper and place the material between them. The tissue paper will help keep the fabric in place and avoid snags while you sew.

Ensure you always press away from the matte side of a slippery shiny fabric. And if you have to press the shiny side, use a pressing cloth. Lightly spraying a spray starch on the material will stiffen it up, making it easier to handle.

Furry fabrics may be the most challenging to sew. The long fibers may get entangled with your stitches. Brush the material with a soft hairbrush to ensure all the fibers face the same direction. Use double row stitches on fragile-based fabrics like fur.

Concluding Thoughts

Working with any of these challenging fabrics can sometimes be difficult. They have unique characteristics that can make sewing and cutting tricky. However, producing something with these fun materials can give you satisfaction. If you follow these essential tips for sewing challenging fabrics, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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