Fun Projects To Sew That Aren’t Clothing Items

Fun Projects To Sew That Aren’t Clothing Items

Do you think sewing is only for your grandmother? Sewing is a fantastic hobby, but it’s more than creating clothing designs. Expand your sewing skills and try out any of these fun projects to sew that aren’t clothing items.

Zip Pouch

These beautiful pouches have multiple uses! They’re great for packing all your toiletries during vacation, housing your pile of bobby pins, or keeping jewelry safe while traveling. They’re also fantastic for managing all your coins floating at the bottom of your purse. Store all of your ribbon or sewing needles. It’s your pouch, so do as you please!

Sunglasses Holder

This idea is fun because anybody can use a safe place to store their sunglasses! It’s a simple project that’s incredibly customizable to fit the shape and style of different glasses. Plus, you can use a variety of fabrics to make the holder. Add embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, and sparkles to create something truly one-of-a-kind. The possibilities are endless.

Placemat With Pocket

Here’s a fun way to solve the problem of kids fighting over which spot is theirs at the dinner table. Add a pocket to the mat to serve as a spot to place the silverware. Find exciting patterns that your children love so they know which placemat belongs to who.

Table Runner

Are you looking for a project to gift to a friend or family member who bought a new house? Then stop searching, because this is just what you’ve been looking for. Ask them what aesthetic they’re trying to achieve and create the perfect table runner to match. This project is so simple that you can even make one for yourself. Heck, you can make one to match each season!

Duster Head

Another fun project to sew that’s not clothing is a duster head. Yes, you can make a reusable duster head that fits on those famous yellow dusters. Plus, it’s a great way to save money because you’ll never have to repurchase them! Make sure you use a sturdy material that can handle several times in the washing machine.

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