How To Properly Care for and Store Your Fabric

How To Properly Care for and Store Your Fabric

Fabrics take up far more space than most people realize, especially once you unwrap them for the first time. Improper storage can lead to issues with any fabric, from sunlight exposure lightening the pigment to stretching ruining the knit. Here’s how to properly care for and store your fabric.

Protect Fabric From Environmental Damage

Some of a fabric’s worst enemies come from the environment you keep it in. Sunlight, humidity, and pests all harm your fabric stash, so it’s crucial to stay mindful of these environmental hazards.

For example, if your fabric sits under direct sunlight most of the day, rotate it with other fabrics frequently to avoid one side or edge becoming more light than another. A dehumidifier can also help protect fabrics in rooms with high humidity. Luckily for resellers, crafters, and tailors alike, any fabric that lacks animal fiber is safe from dreaded closet moths.

Avoid Stretching or Compressing Stored Fabrics

When you store fabrics, especially knit fabrics, you must not keep them in a way that stretches the fabric beyond its standard shape. Crumpling the fabric into a bin with others can cause it to come out misshapen when you’re ready to use it. Instead, fold and roll it gently before storing it away.

Try not to shove and compress rolled fabrics into a single bin. If there isn’t enough space, consider a new shelf or container for the rest.

Removing Fabrics From Storage

When removing fabrics from storage, you might need to prepare them before using them. For example, thin cotton holds folds incredibly well and needs ironing. On the other hand, knit fabrics handle steaming and pressing better than they take the tugging motion of standard ironing. Some fabrics, such as ITY fabric, are wrinkle resistant and need little to no prep!

It’s essential to understand how to properly care for and store your fabric, whether you’re a hobbyist or fabric reseller. After all, well-maintained, high-quality fabric plays a critical role in a garment’s wearability and sale!

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