Knit Fabric Wholesale at Express Knit Inc. for Quality and Value!

For extraordinary knit fabric wholesale, Express Knit, Inc. is your destination. That’s because the importance of quality fabric is more crucial than ever. Customers want fabric that stands out and designers need to feel inspired.

Express Knit, Inc., has been selling the wholesale fabric in Los Angeles in the fashion district for more than two decades. They know fabric and they know how the business works. Not only are you on a schedule, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion trends. With a collection of eye-catching, unique fabrics in a wide variety of patterns, clients can find the right material at an affordable price. Whether you do DIY fashion or you’re an up-and-coming designer or a larger manufacturer, you need a wholesale retailer that knows how to be a valuable resource with outstanding selection, quality, and service to help you make your deadlines.

Designers need stunning patterns like floral, striped, plaid polka dots, camouflage prints or animal prints in performance fabrics. Staying competitive is important for any company, so whether you are a large corporate entity or a small mom-and-pop shop, you’ll need fine materials at a fair price.

Our exceptional online catalog makes shopping easy. Every fabric is classified by fiber content, width, stretch, pattern, edge, and weight. Browse high-resolution images in every palette from classic florals, plaids, lace, shakira satins, chiffons or solids, to ultra-modern textiles with an edge.

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