Lace Fabric by the Yard

When you’re creating a beautiful new clothing piece for yourself, designing an elegant table cloth, or even adding lovely and unique touches to your home, you may look at different types of lace to add a subtle sophisticated pattern. Express Knit Inc. has all kinds of lace fabric by the yard, but when you are looking at types of lace, do you know what to look for? Let us help you!

Lace Through History

The word “lace” comes from a Latin root word, and refers to the open fabric created by looping threads or yarn together in a specific pattern. Lace has been used for thousands of years to accent the most elegant garments.

Originally, lace was a delicate fabricated work of wearable art, created from weaving linen, silk, or even gold or silver threads together. Only very wealthy people could afford these expensive fabrics. However, with the creation of automated fabric manufacturing, lace fabric has now reached some of the highest quality at the lowest, most accessible price.

Today, lace is made from several types of thread, including polyester, nylon, linen, cotton, and more. Many people still make lace, either by knitting, weaving, using needle and thread, or using cutwork. Machines can manufacture lace using a variety of techniques, at a much faster rate.

Express Knit Inc. Offers All Kinds of Lace

Express Knit Inc. seeks out only the highest quality lace for inventory, which you can view online. We also proudly offer numerous other varieties of knit fabric online, so we can be your one-stop-shopping source for any fabric for any project.