Liverpool Fabric by the Yard

You love designing clothes but sometimes, it is hard to find the best fabric for your new piece. There are so many kinds of knit fabrics in the world, which one is best for your design? If you seek a heavier knit fabric that can hold shape better than flimsier options, you may consider Liverpool. Whether you want Liverpool prints or solids, Express Knit Inc. has the knitted Liverpool fabric options that will perfect your item.

Liverpool Fabric Holds Up to Stress

This type of fabric is a popular poly/spandex blend, which has a high horizontal stretchiness, with some texture on the right-hand side. It can feel like neoprene or scuba fabrics in weight, stretch, and solidity. Liverpool is a great fabric for heavier clothing that needs to hold its shape, like a pencil skirt, winter suit jacket, or a tight dress. The density and tensile strength give you, the designer, a lot of options for how you work with the material, but it does not drape very well.

Express Knit Inc. can help you with Liverpool fabric by the yard, or in bulk. Our prices are reasonable so anyone, from a DIY enthusiast to a boutique clothing designer can get what they need to make the clothing of their dreams.

Dozens of Fabric Options Are Available in Our Online Stores
If you are not sure that Liverpool is the right option for your project, you can also browse all of our other knit fabric online using our online catalogue or chat feature.