Our Favorite Fabrics To Keep You Warm and Dry

Our Favorite Fabrics To Keep You Warm and Dry

We love giving our clients a look into our favorite things. Today, we’ll dive into our favorite fabrics to keep you warm and dry. Bonus, these materials are excellent to wear no matter what season! They’ll keep the sweat at bay and keep you warm when the temperature drops.


This natural material provides excellent protection to keep you warm during cold weather. Use silk as a base layer instead of an outer layer because it’s also excellent at keeping you dry. Its smooth and comfortable texture will feel incredible against your skin. The only downside to silk: it can be more pricey than the other fabrics.


There’s a reason wool has stood the test of time. It’s provided warmth for hundreds of years. It’s a particularly popular fabric for sweaters. Wool does an excellent job at keeping odors at bay and wicking away sweat. It also acts like an air conditioner during the summer. Look for lightweight wool to keep your body dry in the heat.

Whether buying or making your own clothing item, look for Merino wool because it’s softer and warmer than the others.


Commonly used for base layers, this synthetic material is typically made from woven plastic. It’s an excellent insulator because it repels water and stops the wind from piercing your skin.

Polyester also dries quickly, which is incredibly important in summer and winter clothing. It’s not as odor resistant as wool, but it’s an excellent, less expensive alternative. Plus, it’s more durable.

Synthetic Blends

Want a combination for the best of both worlds? Try stocking up your closet with clothing items produced using synthetic blends.

There are plenty of blends to try! Polyester and spandex combine to create a blend called bullet fabric. This blend is excellent for workout gear and headbands. Express Knit has various colors of bullet fabric by the yard available so you can get started with your creations.

Another great blend is wool and polyester. You’ll enjoy the benefits of wool without the price tag.

Don’t be afraid to have a combination of any of these materials. With these fabrics, you’ll stay warm all winter and dry throughout the summer.