Simple Ways To Add Animal Print to Your Wardrobe

Simple Ways To Add Animal Print to Your Wardrobe

Have you admired the animal print trend from afar because you’re nervous? It can be intimidating trying to incorporate strong prints into your wardrobe. Well, we have a few simple ways to add animal print to your wardrobe. You’ll be strutting down the sidewalk in no time!

Ask Yourself Which Pieces You’ll Really Wear

It’s not worth spending the money on a new piece of clothing that you’re unsure you’ll wear. Every person has a different taste in fashion, and just because your best friend is obsessed with leopard print doesn’t mean you have to match her style.

Before you hit the checkout button or walk to the checkout counter, ask yourself if you really plan on wearing the belt, the printed trousers, or the animal print shoes. Understanding your style will prevent you from buying pieces that will end up sitting in your closet.

Check Out the Offered Animal Prints

After you understand what style you’re looking for, check out what animal prints are available and how you can incorporate those prints into your current wardrobe. Each store offers different print accessories and clothes, and having an idea of what you like will make shopping easier.

Mix Solids With Animal Print

Mixing solids with animal print is a simple way to add animal print to your wardrobe. Many animal prints come in earthy tones that are easy to incorporate into fall and winter outfits.

Pair chic black trousers with a pair of adorable leopard print pumps for an extra pop. If you want to make a more significant statement, wear a leopard print sweater or jacket. No matter how bold you go, mixing solids with animal print makes it easy to stay on-trend.

Animal Print Accessories

Accessories are a stress-free way to ease yourself into animal prints. Add printed belts and scarves to a simple outfit to up the chic factor without feeling overwhelmed. For a night on the town, add a cheetah print clutch with a little black dress. Pair your jeans and a T-shirt with an animal print belt to jazz up your everyday outfit.

If you’re feeling adventurous or enjoy sewing, you can make a scarf with a cheetah Liverpool fabric from Express Knit. We only carry high-quality, exquisite material that’s perfect for your next sewing project.