The Benefits of Cotton Spandex for Athletic Clothing

The Benefits of Cotton Spandex for Athletic Clothing

Demand for fashionable athletic wear is incredibly high. There are endless opportunities for clothing designers to break into the market and create workout outfits that people adore! One way that many designers appeal to customers is by focusing on function and comfort. It’s the all-day wearability that makes cotton spandex the material of choice for athleisure and workout wear alike. Let’s break down the benefits of cotton spandex for athletic clothing designs.

Fantastic Breathability

Cotton is famous for its breathability, no matter what garment you make with it. Breathability is incredibly important when working out, as sweat that doesn’t have anywhere to go leaves the wearer uncomfortable and begging to end their exercise session. The moisture-wicking nature of cotton spandex allows it to pull moisture off the skin and absorb it, increasing comfort for long periods.

Real Durability

A downside of cotton that most people think of is how it stretches over time. For clothing items that constantly twist and turn like athletic wear, that stretchiness is far from ideal. However, cotton spandex is a more durable option due to its hybrid nature. The combination knit ensures that cotton spandex workout clothes survive both the workout and the wash cycle and are ready to perform all over again next time.

The Comfort Factor

The true draw to cotton spandex over other materials for workout clothing is its comfort. Beyond breathability and flexibility, cotton spandex has a better physical texture than the synthetic-feeling materials people often rely on for athletic wear. This comfort factor is crucial for jogging, yoga, maternity outfits, and stylish, form-fitting leisure clothing.

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