The Different Ways To Utilize Floral Fabrics

The Different Ways To Utilize Floral Fabrics

Floral prints are a popular pattern design that can add vibrancy to any space or outfit. You may be unsure how to add these gorgeous patterns, but don’t worry. These are the different ways to utilize floral fabrics.

Large Floral Prints

Large floral prints are perfect for more oversized furniture. If you have a big chair to reupholster, consider a larger floral print to add pops of color to the main living space. Another way to utilize larger floral prints is to have them on full-length curtains or a statement headboard in the master bedroom.

You want the print to be visible, and if the piece is small, you won’t be able to appreciate the full effect of the pattern. If you don’t feel like reupholstering an entire chair, you should know that large floral prints also look great on big cushions.

Small Floral Prints

These prints are more delicate and henceforth more suitable for brighter and lighter spaces. Think curtains in the kitchen or bathroom window, cushions or pillows on the plain family room couch, and a lampshade on your bedside table.

Contemporary Floral Prints

Contemporary floral fabric prints are all about breaking tradition. The patterns can appear distorted, abstract, pixelated, or drawn. The blooms can look significantly larger, more vibrant, and wilder.

You should base the floral fabric on the wall color and stick with the same print and shade throughout the room to avoid overwhelming the space. It’s best to find your material first and then choose a primary color from the pattern. When you use a contemporary floral print, you want it to be the main feature.

Vintage Florals Prints

Vintage florals thrive on romantic realism with predominantly neutral colors and pastel shades. Styling vintage florals is relatively simple. Use these prints on the room’s main features, along with curtains, lampshades, and cushions.

You can combine two different patterns but make sure you switch up the scale of the prints. You can add trimmings or stripes for more detail.

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