What Is the Difference Between Single Knit & Double Knit Fabric?

What Is the Difference Between Single Knit & Double Knit Fabric?

Single knit fabrics and double knit fabrics are both styles of knitted fabrics that are very common and incredibly easy for anyone seasoned in sewing to use. Their popularity stems from their inability to deform, and, as a bonus, they have some resistance toward wrinkles thanks to their elasticity and flexibility. With that said, what is the difference between single knit and double knit fabric if they share so many traits? Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

Single Knit Fabrics

Single knit fabrics are typically considered ideal for lighter-weight clothing like underwear and sleepwear because it stretches in a side-to-side pattern, rather than up and down. The biggest flaw of this knit and pattern is that it tends to curl up at the edges. This typically means that the fabric is only good for a short amount of time. However, some consumers find this a stylish side effect, meaning you can expand the lifespan quite a bit if you don’t mind the curling.

Double Knit Fabrics

As the name implies, double knits consist of two layers of fabric. This makes the fabric heavier and ideal for higher quality garments such as pants, jackets, skirts. As a heavier fabric, you needn’t worry about the side and ends of garments curling and needing to be replaced, meaning the double knit has a naturally longer life span.

The Differences

Now that you know a little bit about the details of each knit, we can begin to examine what the difference is between single knit and double knit fabric. As you may have gathered by now, the best fabric is dependent upon what you intend to make. If you want to experiment, there is plenty of wholesale fabric online to purchase that rewards you for buying in large quantities. Furthermore, double-knit fabrics will last you much longer. However, if you enjoy the curling of single knit fabrics, lifespan becomes less of a factor, and you can make your decision based on other details.