Wholesale Fabric Online

We live in an online world and buying wholesale fabric online feels as normal as ordering any of the countless other products that we all regularly purchase over the Internet. Even so, where we purchase that wholesale fabric can make an enormous difference. Here at Express Knit Inc., we provide the very finest materials for smart designers and manufacturers who want products that will be loved by their customers and friendly to their bottom line.

Selection and Value

Being able to purchase fabrics online is not that helpful if the selection of material is limited or uninspiring. Express Knit Inc. offers a dazzling array of fabrics that includes prints in classic styles ranging from stripes, polka dots, and geometric prints to floral and animal-inspired patterns. It also features a series of dazzling imaginative and original patterns, as well as a broad array of gorgeous, colorful, and carefully crafted floral prints that can make dresses, blouses, and other apparel items stand out on any rack.

Express Knit Inc. is also proud of its range of materials to ensure that our durable knit fabrics feel as good as they look. These include:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton Lycra
  • Chiffon
  • ITY
  • Lace
  • Liverpool
  • Satin
  • Techno Crepe
  • Techno Knit

Where Customer Service Matters

It’s crucial for designers and manufacturers to have access to affordable materials that fuel creativity and delight consumers, but none of that matters if material doesn’t arrive soon enough to fit your production schedule. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of customer service professionals is here to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, communicating clearly, and living up to expectations.

Ready for Wholesale Fabric Online? Reach out!

Express Knit Inc. makes it easy for you to get in touch for more information about our products and our outstanding discount pricing. Just call us at 213-683-1515 or visit our contact page and reach out electronically.