4 Tips To Look Great While Wearing Printed Fabric

4 Tips To Look Great While Wearing Printed Fabric

Wearing patterned prints can be tricky for many. You may be unsure if the printed top goes with a certain pair of pants. You want to open your closet and choose an outfit with confidence. The following four tips will help you wear printed fabrics with poise.

Begin With Printed Accessories

If you’re nervous about wearing print, an excellent place to start is with printed accessories. They make perfect statement pieces and are an effective way to ease into patterns. Keep your outfit simple to let your accessories stand out.

Try a patterned handbag or printed sneakers, heels, or wedges. Match your jewelry to the colors in your purse or shoes.

Pick Prints With Similar Shades

Finding patterns with similar colors will help you seamlessly blend your look. If you find a print with a lot of red, pair it with a light red skirt or jeans and red shoes for an effortless style. Stick to similar shades and try not to stray too far from the dominant color in the outfit.

If you’re wearing a printed single piece, such as a dress, pair it with garments that pull the entire look together. Contrast is an excellent word to remember. Wear a light top with dark bottoms or vice versa.

Pair Prints With Simple Attire

Keep the rest of your outfit simple compared to the printed piece. For example, if you choose a patterned skirt, choose a neutral, simple top that will let your skirt do the talking.

Pair a printed dress with a chic yet clean-looking blazer or sweater. Ensure you’re choosing complementary colors to create a cohesive look.

Some Fabrics Are Seasonal

Would you wear a Hawaiian printed shirt during winter? Not unless you’re attending a themed party! It’s best to keep things seasonal. Plaids and flannels are perfect for winter weather. Wear your favorite florals and light-colored prints during the springtime.

Express Knit has some beautiful floral ITY fabric for your next clothing piece. We have plenty of designs and colors to choose from. You’re certain to find what you’re looking for. Think back to these printed fabric tips when planning your daily looks. You’ll certainly keep a chic and fabulous style.