6 Reasons To Use Liverpool Knit Fabric for Garment Sewing

6 Reasons To Use Liverpool Knit Fabric for Garment Sewing

Whether you’re creating a new jacket or bringing your favorite dress pattern to life, you must start with the right fabric for the job. While every style of garment has a few go-to materials, Liverpool knit is one fabric you should never rule out of the equation.

What Is Liverpool Knit Fabric?

Liverpool knit fabric is among the most versatile knit fabrics available today. Liverpool knit fabric is made of a mixture of polyester and spandex and comes in a variety of textures, weights, and prints. The most common kind of Liverpool knit is a medium-weight 2-stretch fabric.

Like all types of knit fabric, Liverpool knit is composed of a single continuously looped piece of yarn instead of woven fabrics that cross multiple threads repeatedly. This trait ensures that the material remains wrinkle-resistant and moves with the wearer’s body. Unlike other knits, Liverpool knit fabric is typically a double knit. Double knit means that loops in the fabric are present on both the back and front of the material, adding weight and stability.

Reasons To Use Liverpool Knit Fabric

This iconic knit fabric is a go-to for hobbyists and designers due to its unique characteristics. While many of its advantages come from being a knit fabric, some traits are entirely unique to this type of knit and set it apart from the crowd. Let’s go over six reasons to use Liverpool knit fabric for garment sewing!

It’s Among the Easiest Knits To Work With

Knits are often considered one of the most frustrating fabrics to work with by inexperienced tailors. Tailors require unique tools to correctly stitch between the fabric’s loops and avoid stitches that fail to stretch with the material. While Liverpool fabric still has a beautiful stretch and drape, its stiffer structure allows it to run under the sewing machine with far less trouble. This workability, along with Liverpool knit’s many other traits, makes it a fan favorite.

It’s Sturdy but Maintains Its Drape

One of the qualities that designers and customers love about Liverpool knit fabric is the mix of sturdiness and fantastic drape.

Fabric drape describes the way a fabric type falls according to its structure and weight. Liverpool’s drape falls straight but maintains a voluminous drape appearance. These two traits contribute to a fabric that is functional for elegant fall-friendly dresses and jackets.

Liverpool knit fabric garments manage to both display the wearer’s frame and effortlessly fall from their body. Unlike other fabrics that achieve this drape effect, the weight of Liverpool knit ensures that the fabric creates the desired silhouette in every garment.

It Comes in Fabulous, Complex Patterns

Among the biggest draws of Liverpool knit fabric is the variety of prints available. Despite the fabric’s texture, it holds complex patterns incredibly well. That said, you can still find stunning solids that do more to display the fabric’s unique structure. This fabric comes with options to suit every season’s style, from naturally inspired leopard Liverpool fabric to intricate plaid prints on knit.

Liverpool knit also comes in a variety of textures. Bullet knit and crepe knit are two popular options.

It’s an Incredibly Comfortable Fabric

Every customer is looking for a garment as pleasant to wear as it is to look at. Liverpool knit isn’t one to disappoint in this regard. It provides warmth, coziness, and comfort for the wearer. The stretch of the looped threads prevents a feeling of restriction that comes from stiffer woven fabrics. Knitted fabrics are also soft to the touch and ensure that even the most form-fitting outfit is a joy to wear.

That said, it’s essential to keep in mind that Liverpool knit isn’t the most breathable fabric. Its cozy factor makes it better-suited to fall and winter garments or indoor wear.

It’s Well-Suited To Unique Garment Structures

The unique style of Liverpool knit suits garments that hug the frame and create a sleek silhouette. However, the sturdiness of the fabric also allows garment makers to play in new territory and experiment with designs that mix volume and sleekness. For example, Liverpool knit’s sturdy drape allows for a gorgeous cowl neckline on a dress or top and provides skater dresses with a uniquely slick and playful look. That said, one of the most popular styles in which tailors take advantage of Liverpool knit’s volume is in peplum looks.

It Holds Up To Regular Use

Another reason to use Liverpool knit fabric for garment sewing is that it simply lasts. Whether you’re designing for yourself or putting a clothing collection onto the market, your garment must withstand daily wear and tear. While this fabric may not work for athletic purposes, it is forgiving enough to move with you when you’re at work or on the town.

These knits hold up well when they get machine washed with cold water. However, they require a low tumble dry as too much heat can impact the texture.

Another feature to consider when you’re picking a fabric is its recovery. Stretch fabrics like knits need to return to their original shape when pulled by the wearer. Liverpool knit fabric has excellent recovery and easily snaps back to the intended structure so that designers and wearers don’t need to worry about moving in their own clothes.

Garment Examples That Work for Liverpool Knit

Due to Liverpool knit fabric’s unique features, it remains a fantastic fabric option for many garments. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, here are some of the most popular garments that turn to Liverpool knit before all others:

  • Form-Fitting Skirts
  • Sleeved Tops
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Hair Bows
  • Classy Trousers
  • Casual Joggers

If you’re inspired to create your next garment using Liverpool knit fabric, Express Knit is happy to help you get the materials you need! We carry a wide variety of Liverpool knit fabric designs include floral, geometric, and animal print, among many others. Are you just interested in getting a feel for the fabric? We sell by the yard so that you can easily test out material and create a prototype or personal garment! If you’re interested in a larger wholesale purchase, reach out to us via call or email so we can assist you.

6 Reasons To Use Liverpool Knit Fabric for Garment Sewing