A Short Guide on Pairing Fashionable Colors Together

A Short Guide on Pairing Fashionable Colors Together

Pairing different-colored clothing items together can be tricky. Does navy blue go with green? Can I wear red and pink together? These are the questions this blog post will answer. Think of it as a guide to help you decide which colors pair with which.

Clothing Color Wheel Basics

Pairing together clothing items is all about creating contrast while complementing. Red and green go together, but only during a specific season. Otherwise, you’ll be walking around giving off Christmas vibes. To find a harmonious outfit, look for colors that are next to each other on the color wheel—for example, red and pink or blue and teal. These colors contrast each other without clashing.

Pairing Brown and Black

Brown and black are fairly simple colors to pair. They allow you to get creative with your style and amplify bold and vibrant hues. The undertones are where your focus should be. Red contains yellow undertones and is an excellent color to pair with brown. Stay away from colors with blue undertones.

Add some flair to your wardrobe with black-and-brown animal prints, such as cheetah and leopard. These neutral patterns are easy to pair.

Pairing Pastels and Brights

Pastels and bright, vibrant colors are always on trend. Here’s a significant tidbit to remember with neon colors: don’t go overboard. Too many pastels in one look could wash you out, and too many bright colors will do the same. You have to find the right balance to create the perfect outfit.

When wearing brighter colors, balance the clothing with neutral accessories. Don’t wear flashy jewelry. Avoid a brightly colored bag that clashes with your look.


Since fuchsia is incredibly trendy now, let’s take a closer look at this specific hue. Pairing fuchsia with red is an excellent way to make jaws drop. You can also pair this bright and vibrant shade with neutrals, such as brown, beige, white, and cream. Let this beautiful, lively color sing.

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