DIY Decorating: 4 Ways To Add Velvet Touches to Your Home

DIY Decorating: 4 Ways To Add Velvet Touches to Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your home, there’s no better way to do so than by incorporating velvet into your interior design and furniture. Both rich in texture and association, velvet can make you feel like royalty when applied effectively. Here are four ways to add velvet touches to your home with DIY decorating.

Velvet Blankets

Simple velvet throws are the perfect complement for beds or when draped over the back of couches. Not only does it add a feeling of high-class couture by injecting a rich splash of color into an otherwise neutral piece of furniture, but the texture and weight of the material are just divine when you’re trying to sleep during those cold winter months. With this option, you’re not only improving the appearance of your home, but you can treat yourself to a small comfort that you’ll use every single day.

Focal Point Furniture

Velvet home décor is a great way to add velvet touches to your home thanks to the fact it so seamlessly integrates into the existing décor. Not only does it make for some comfortable furniture, but the velvet can take center stage and add a touch of regality or vintage flair depending on your color choice. You have a broad range of aesthetics to choose from and enjoy.

Accenting the Room

If you’d rather the velvet not take center stage, it can instead serve to accent a room. In particular, rooms that are already busy with complex patterns and bright colors or adorned with attention-grabbing furniture are served better by a more conservative use of velvet. Simple, solid colors work best as an accent. For example, in a dining room that has a complex pattern on the walls but is neutral in color, a solid red velvet would not be amiss when placed on the chairs.

Fashion and Function

Velvet doesn’t just exist to look pretty, however. If you want a more practical reason to bring velvet into your home, then consider using them as curtains. Such a thick material is fantastic for blocking out the light in bedrooms as well as trapping heat into a room when the weather cools down. Crushed velvet by the yard is also an affordable way to get the material you need to craft your velvet curtains.