Fabric Print Trends You Need To Know for Summer 2022

Fabric Print Trends You Need To Know for Summer 2022

Many people enjoy sewing and creating their own clothing items and accessories. For some, it’s a job. For others, it’s a hobby. Maybe you need some inspiration and aren’t aware of what’s on trend this summer 2022 in the fabric print world. Follow along to learn what you need to know about this topic.


Flowers play a primary role in the exotic fabric trend for the summer. They’ve transformed from petite and dainty to big and bold. Exotic prints display sweeping imagery of plants from distant locations we’ve only dreamed of visiting for so long.

Use these designs to make skirts, blouses, dresses, headbands, and more. The vibrant colors and flowers will stand out in a crowd.

Shiny and Textured

Shimmer and shine, and everything’s fine. That should be the tagline for these hypnotizing fabrics. They’ll glimmer and evoke desire as they shine in the summer sunlight. Add gorgeous embellishments like flowers, feathers, and other accessories to play with the shininess of the fabric prints.


If you want to add vibrant colors to your fabric collection, look for groovy fabrics. The fabulous and fun designs will make you feel like you’re back in 1972. You’ll find many materials with artistic patterns like watercolor, tie-dye, and butterflies. It’s groovy, baby!


These fabrics are inviting, soft, and iridescent. They’re tie-dye and gradient color patterns that look as if the sun has faded the color and design. Surrealistic materials evoke emotional experiences with their transparent textures and masterfully created softness.

Rugby Stripes

Stripe trends vary from year to year. This time, large, chunky stripes similar to the style found on rugby players’ uniforms are popular. Preppy designs are on the rise this summer, so it makes sense why we see rugby stripes making a triumphant return.

We hope discovering these summer 2022 fabric print trends you should know inspires you to create some new clothing or accessories. Express Knit Inc. is here with cotton lycra fabric by the yard for when your imagination strikes. We also carry other fabric styles by the yard, so you can create exactly what you desire.