Our Favorite Fabrics To Wear When the Weather Gets Hotter

Our Favorite Fabrics To Wear When the Weather Gets Hotter

Staying cool on a hot summer day is a priority. There’s nothing fun about baking in your outfit. Perhaps you’re looking for some new ideas for summer outfits. These are our favorite fabrics to wear when the weather gets hotter. You’ll stay cool and look stylish all season!


Linen is the quintessential fabric of summer. It’s incredibly breathable, which makes it perfect to wear under the hot summer sun. The loose weaving allows heat to escape, and the stiffness means it won’t stick to your body. You don’t have to worry about linen staying wet for long because it quickly dries.

Linen’s only downside is that it wrinkles easily. Most people embrace this and view it as the style. If you’re having a summer wedding on the beach, linen pants and shirts will help keep anyone cool in the sun. Invest in linen bedsheets if you tend to wake up in a sweat. No matter what, linen fabric will keep you cool all summer.


Silk is a luxurious and soft fabric that many people know and love. Prices tend to run higher for silk because of the manufacturing process, but it’s worth investing in summer pieces. What makes silk extra special is that it’s great for summer and winter. It keeps you cool and retains warmth.

Silk is a popular option for evening attire. Many brides appreciate the romantic flair silk adds. Be aware that silk doesn’t absorb sweat well, so it’s a considerable drawback. You could notice significant stains on the underarms of any silk pieces of clothing.


Cotton has been a summer clothing staple for decades. It offers remarkable breathability and significant softness, and it’s extraordinarily lightweight. Cotton can allow your body heat to escape, keeping you cool on a hot day. One important factor of cotton is how widely available the fabric is.

Look for cotton-polyester blends to avoid wrinkles, and beware of how easily cotton soaks up moisture. It’s not ideal for workouts because of how heavy the fabric becomes.


Durable plastic fibers weave together to create the synthetic fabric, polyester. Athletes and workout enthusiasts alike tend to gravitate toward this fabric due to its amazing sweat-wicking properties. Polyester is perfect for staying cool in the summer sun.

People with sensitive skin could find polyester irritates their skin. It may not be the fabric for you if you develop a rash or itch while wearing a polyester clothing item. You’ll often find clothes made of polyester blended with another material. Liverpool, for example, is polyester blended with spandex. Purchase any of Express Knit’s leopard Liverpool fabric for a pop of fun in your wardrobe.

Look for any of these fabrics when adding items to your summer wardrobe. They’ll keep you cool when the weather warms up. Have fun sewing and shopping!