Our Favorite Sewing Projects With Animal Prints

Our Favorite Sewing Projects With Animal Prints

Did you recently purchase some animal print fabric, and you’re unsure what to create with the material? Not to worry! Express Knit will help spark inspiration with our favorite sewing projects with animal prints.


Can you ever have too many clutches? The correct answer is no. It’s a super simple project to create, plus it’s convenient to have around! You can have a clutch to match every outfit. These minimalistic purses make excellent gifts for those you love.

Hair Bow

Do you or your child wear hair bows often? Then you’ll enjoy this sewing project with animal prints. Make one bow or make an entire collection! You can use any animal print or choose another print. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hair bows. Ensure you have enough materials on hand before you begin. You’ll need fabric, thread, hair clip, elastic, glue gun, and trim.

Tote Bag

Virtually anyone could use a new tote bag. These bags are convenient. You can use it to carry your laptop, pens, pencils, notebooks, papers, and more, depending on the size of the tote you create.

These also make excellent gifts for kids. Children enjoy carrying around stuffed animals, dolls, legos, and their favorite toys.

Flowing Skirt

Skirts are versatile pieces of clothing that add depth to your wardrobe. They’re typically not tough to make despite having multiple layers. Using animal prints for a flowy skirt is an excellent way to include animal prints.

Grab some cheetah Liverpool fabric from Express Knit. It’s an exquisitely detailed print perfect for making a skirt or any other projects mentioned.

Phone Wallet

Our phone screens have become larger, leaving more surface area for damage if you drop the device. A phone wallet can fit nicely. When you use it, you know your phone is safe and secure.

If you want to secure the phone wallet outside of the purse, bag, or backpack, ensure you have a top to snap so that the phone doesn’t bounce or fall out.

Try out any of our favorite sewing projects with animal prints! Use this list for inspiration when you’re unsure what to create next.