Popular Sewing Projects for Rainy Weather

Popular Sewing Projects for Rainy Weather

Rain and storms will happen just about anywhere you live. Maybe it’s time to sew something new to prepare for the wet weather when it arrives. We’ve compiled a fun list of popular sewing projects for rainy weather to jumpstart your creative juices.

Child’s Poncho

What kid doesn’t adore splashing in the puddles and playing in the rain? Sew your children rain ponchos to keep them dry while stomping around outside.

A poncho provides excellent coverage while allowing whole-body movement. Your kids won’t have to worry about arm restrictions while they play. Plenty of patterns are available online to help guide you through the project. Find a design you feel comfortable using, and have fun!


Why buy a raincoat from a store when you can create one specifically for you? You can take various styles, fits, and designs from concept to reality.

And why stop at one raincoat? You can make one for different occasions, whether they’re fancy or casual. Line a raincoat with fleece for those bone-chilling rainy days. Search for your favorite fabric to add personalization and style to your one-of-a-kind raincoat. If you love flowers, head to Express Knit. We have an incredible selection of floral knit fabric.


An umbrella is not as difficult of a project to create as you’d think. Find a fabric style and purchase a frame online to put together your new umbrella.

Like the other projects above, the umbrella is incredibly customizable. You can make a different umbrella for various occasions. Need one for the car? Done! One to show off your favorite sports team? Not a problem! Does your daughter want an umbrella with her favorite television shows or movie characters for her backpack? You can make it!

We hope this blog gave you a few good ideas for your next sewing project. Any of these rainy weather sewing project items are excellent to have on hand or to give as gifts for birthdays. Don’t forget the customization and have fun with the design.