Spotty Symbolism: Why Leopard Print Is Popular

Spotty Symbolism: Why Leopard Print Is Popular

Have you ever noticed a year when leopard print was out of style? It’s been around for many centuries and seems to stay in style, but why? Designers gravitate toward this pattern for a handful of reasons. Let’s explore why leopard print is popular.

What Is Leopard Print?

Before we look at why this pattern became popular, let’s familiarize ourselves with the print. It’s a design that imitates the look of a leopard’s skin. The faux fur version replicates the appearance of the wild cat. You can also bring in other colors to make the pattern bright and vibrant.

Never Goes Out of Style

Leopard print has been popular for many centuries. It’s never gone out of style! In some decades, like the 80s and early aughts, leopard prints were more popular, but there was never a time when the pattern disappeared.

You can find paintings and drawings of subjects in the 18th and 19th centuries adorned in leopard skin coats and gowns. It used to symbolize wealth, but now it’s a modern way for people to show off their playful, sexy side.

Perfect for High-Fashion and Everyday Wear

The great thing about leopard print is that it’s open to interpretation. It can stand out on its own or pair well with bold colors. You can find leopard print at everything from gorgeous black-tie events, such as awards shows, to your own home as pajamas. There’s no bad time or place to wear leopard print!

You can even have leopard-patterned sheets, pillows, curtains, and table settings. There’s no wrong way to embrace the leopard print, which is what helped it become so popular.

Everyone Can Wear It

Leopard print doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can enjoy this diverse pattern! The boldness allows any member of society to stand out among a sea of people. If you don’t want to go so bold, you can wear a pair of leopard print shoes, a scarf, or a headband.

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