The Best Decoration Tips for Animal Print Fabric

The Best Decoration Tips for Animal Print Fabric

Animal patterns create stunning designs for rooms in your house. They spice up spaces, but it can be challenging to decorate with animal prints because of their boldness. Fortunately, there are techniques that will help you create a cohesive style. These are the best decoration tips for animal print fabric.

Animal Prints and Solids

Animal prints are the perfect additions for accenting solid-colored décor and furniture. Leopard, cheetah, and zebra print can stand on their own against solid backgrounds. Create a look of sophistication when you pair animal patterns with natural color blends and neutral solids. The bold prints will add texture and elegance to the plain upholstery.

Mixing Different Animal Prints

Are you trying to achieve an African safari theme in your guest bedroom? Mixing animal prints will create an exotic look, and you’ll accomplish the appearance you want. The different patterns will naturally complement each other. Use animal patterns with natural colors to achieve a sense of realism with a mixture of neutral shades.

You can also mix different patterns when they have the same hue. Bringing spotted prints like giraffe, cheetah, and leopard together lets you add variety due to the different spot sizes.

Mixing Animal Prints With Other Fabrics

If you want to mix several patterns, it’s best to stick with odd numbers. Choose two different designs to go with the animal print of your choice.

If you choose a busier animal print, go with a larger or medium-scale pattern for your second and third print. All colors should match in intensity, regardless of whether they’re bold, pale, or muted. You’ll create unity when designs have similar background colors.

For example, you can mix a zebra pattern with polka dots and florals. Or you could pair leopard with plaid and paisley.

Making It Work

It can be challenging not going out and purchasing or making every accessory for the room, but you want to avoid overdoing it. You want it to look sophisticated and not tacky, so you need to be selective with which prints you use and where. You don’t want to produce any visual confusion.

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Use all of the best decoration tips for animal print fabric when you want to decorate your home with it. You’ll create a beautifully sophisticated house.