The Best Ways To Keep Your Fabrics Organized

The Best Ways To Keep Your Fabrics Organized

So, you have a slight issue. You have all this beautiful fabric, but you’re not sure how to keep it organized. Don’t you worry because we have a few solutions for you to choose from. These are the best ways to keep your fabrics organized.


Hanging up your fabric provides easy access, and you’ll find the material and pattern you’re looking for rather quickly. All you need are skirt hangers with clips for your fabric. Hanging creates a beautiful display, and who doesn’t enjoy gazing at their gorgeous patterns all day?

You can use an existing closet if you have a free one, purchase a clothing rack, or install a curtain rod on the wall to utilize wall space. Use pant hangers to organize multiple larger pieces of fabric, and it’s a real space saver.

Filing Cabinet

Almost everyone has a filing cabinet and hanging filing folders. Hang your excess fabric over the metal hangers and then store them in the filing cabinet. This storage idea is another great way to see your different colors and patterns, such as leopard print knit fabric.

Purchase a filing cabinet from a thrift store, or you can make over the one you already have on hand.


Fold your fabric around a stiff piece of cardboard and then store the material on shelves. You can purchase a bookshelf or install a shelving unit onto the wall. Organize each ledge by material type and then label the shelves so you can quickly find the right fabric when you need it.

You can also opt for cabinets if you’re not fond of open shelving.


You can use whatever type of basket you’d like: wire, tub, or cloth. Choose whatever baskets you think look best. If you want decorative, go decorative. If you’d like simpler baskets, choose function over form.

Use different basket sizes to fit the variety of fabric you’re storing.

Old Crib

If you take the side of a crib and turn it horizontally, it resembles a blanket or fabric rack! This idea is the perfect way to give an old crib new life. Drape the fabric over the slots, and you’ve got yourself a new way to store your materials.

Any of these ways to keep your fabric organized will work well. Decide which method fits your home best and arrange away!