The Most Popular Animal Print Fabrics for Kids

The Most Popular Animal Print Fabrics for Kids

It probably comes as no surprise that kids love animals. Just look at all the kid’s books about animals. Many children grow up around dogs, cats, and other critters. They learn to mimic their sounds and other characteristics.

And likewise, many parents enjoy dressing their kids in animal prints or choosing various animal themes for nurseries or bedrooms. Keep reading to discover the most popular animal print fabrics for kids.

Tropical Animal Prints

When you look at tropical prints, you automatically transport yourself to vacation. There’s a reason why it’s a popular animal pattern for parents to choose for nurseries or clothing items. The kids love looking at the monkeys, large birds, flowers, and tropical trees.

Tropical animal prints can make excellent baby blankets, crib sheets, burp rags, or baby bibs. You can drive the theme home with lampshades and curtains.

Leopard Prints

Leopard print is probably the most popular animal print for kids. It’s a versatile pattern that can make an outfit stand out or add some flair to a child’s room.

While you can still find leopard print in its original form with a black and brown coloration, it’s also available in other color schemes. Leopard print is available in just about every hue you can imagine. You can find this particular pattern on different types of clothing, shoes, and hats. It can also contribute to an adorable aesthetic in a kid’s bedroom. You can find or make blankets, pillows, curtains, and more featuring leopard print.

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Wilderness Animal Prints

Bears, wolves, foxes, squirrels—these animals are great for baby blankets, bibs, and onesies. Many parents choose the wilderness and animal theme for nurseries for the cute factor. Plus, children and parents can admire images of lush green trees without them causing allergies like real trees might.

Try any cute animal prints for your kid’s bedrooms or clothing items. You’ll soon discover what makes them so popular among parents. Try using them to make a blanket, pillow, or shirt.