The Top DIY Ideas for Using Up Your Knit Fabric Scraps

The Top DIY Ideas for Using Up Your Knit Fabric Scraps

The ever-growing scrap pile is a common problem for those involved in crafting. Whether you’re an experienced crafter with thousands of projects under your belt or a beginner taking on your first few ideas, scraps are a simple reality of the art. Fortunately, these extra pieces of fabric don’t have to go to waste. In fact, there’s a lot of different things you can use them for in future endeavors. These are some of the top DIY ideas for using up your knit fabric scraps and ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Small Accessories

Accessories are the number one way to whittle down that stack of small scraps and fabric pieces. From bows to bracelets to hair ties to headbands, the possibilities are endless with a little bit of creativity. However, you must have the right type of fabric on hand if you’re going to commit to certain kinds of scrap fabric projects. For instance, print Liverpool fabrics have vivid patterns and colors and can maintain their stretchiness over time. This makes them wonderful for headbands and durable hair ties. Not only are these accessories great for using up scraps, but they’re also the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Patchwork Clothing

You can also try your hand at patchwork clothing items if you have larger scraps available. Creating patchwork is a great way to combine several fabrics, or even different pieces of the same fabric, into a single cohesive product. Their uniqueness and personal flair make them incredibly eye-catching. As such, they’re great for spicing up your wardrobe. So don’t hesitate to get creative and turn your seemingly unrelated scraps into wearable works of art.

Applique Clothing

Another top DIY idea for using up your knit fabric scraps is to experiment with applique. Unlike patchwork clothing, applique clothing is made entirely from different fabric pieces and involves sewing scrap materials onto an already made garment. These projects can breathe new life into an older shirt or jacket by giving them a new accent pattern to present to the world. Applique can also be useful for mending old blankets, towels, and other items you want to keep around the home.

Newborn Garments

Even if you don’t have enough fabric for a full-sized clothing project, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still make garments. Newborn onesies are the perfect idea for scraps of fabric because they turn excess into something useful. Whether you’re making one for your own child or giving it away as a gift, the baby will feel snug and safe in their new outfit. Best of all, you’ll have regained control over your stack of scraps.