Bullet Knit Fabric

Bullet knit fabric gives depth and character to your creations. No matter what your collection offers, this extraordinary material from Express Knit Fabric Inc. will take it to the next level. With a stunning appearance and buttery soft interior, just about anything made from bullet fabric will be irresistible to consumers.

What Is Bullet Knit Fabric?

Bullet fabric is a soft and lightweight material that is textured on the outside yet smooth on the inside. The combination of polyester and spandex makes the fabric comfortable to wear and stretchy. And since the exterior of this unique material is hardy, it’s able to provide structure to clothing, but without being uncomfortable on the inside.


So, what is bullet fabric used for? Bullet knit fabric is most commonly used in clothing, but it’s also great for accessories like bows, headbands, and wraps.

The soft and stretchy characteristics of bullet knit make it a great option for clothing items that feel comfortable to wear yet look classy. Because of the fabric’s exterior design, the structure holds the shape and silhouette of each article of clothing.

Whether you’re designing blazers, blouses, dresses, or skirts, using bullet knit fabric to bring your creations to life can bring an extra special element to your collection.

Express Knit Bullet Fabric

We offer a wide selection of bullet knit solid fabric, including colors in the following categories:

  • Classic — Black, royal blue, white, brown, red, yellow, hunter green, navy, grey
  • Neon — Coral, fuchsia, yellow
  • Neutral — Ivory, mocha, stone, rust, olive, new cream, camel, taupe, new nude
  • Jewel Tone — Wine, mustard, jade
  • Pastel — Lavender, peach, rose, new mint, turquoise, lilac, blush

In addition to our collection of solid colors, we also carry bullet knit puff fabric in floral and geometric prints. The extra texture gives your clothing and accessories dimension and depth, making the designs eye-catching!

Buy Wholesale Bullet Knit Fabric from Express Knit Inc.

We understand how difficult it can be to find fabric online, especially wholesale bullet fabric, which is why we provide as much information as possible with each of our product listings. This includes the fiber content, material size, stretch, edge, and weight. We’re committed to helping you and your project succeed, so you’ll always be able to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

When it comes to finding high-quality bullet knit fabric wholesale online, Express Knit Inc. has you covered. From classic shades to trendy prints, we offer a large selection of bullet fabric material that’s crafted to last.

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