3 Reasons Knit Fabrics Are Great for Kids’ Clothes

3 Reasons Knit Fabrics Are Great for Kids’ Clothes

Creating kids’ clothes often involves fun prints and fantastic patterns. But the fabric you choose is as important as the pattern. Knit fabric is one option that provides several kid-friendly benefits. Here are three reasons knit fabrics are great for kids’ clothes.

Knits Withstand Playtime

Kids wiggle, dance, and do all sorts of acrobatics at home and on the playground. With so much movement, it’s important that clothes move with the kids wearing them! For this reason, knit fabrics are an excellent option. Knits stretch and withstand playtime for even the most active kids. Knit fabrics are also durable, so garments only need a quick wash before they’re ready for the next recess.

Clothing You Can Cuddle With

Knit fabric is most iconic for its softness. Whether it’s a dress or a hairbow, clothing that’s soft to the touch provides enormous comfort to kids! Rough fabrics can irritate sensitive skin, so it’s important to use a fabric that’s as soft on the inside as it is on the outside.

Knits also come in a variety of textures that help make clothes more interesting. For instance, people often wonder, “What is bullet knit used for?” Kids’ clothes are a great answer, thanks to this knit’s funky texture. Bullet knit does more than feel soft against the skin. It also offers a tactile experience that makes clothing fun for little ones!

Comfort Is Key

Finding clothes that are soothing to the touch is important, but comfort goes beyond feeling cozy. Different knits serve different functions and limit discomfort in different ways.

Many people use cotton spandex knit fabric for athleisure wear. It is as comfortable for a workout as it is to wear around town. For kids, breathability leads to more comfortable wiggling and less irritation on the playground.

Even less breathable options have their benefits. Double-knit fabrics provide warmth while keeping your kids fashionable in cold weather. Double knit cardigans, leggings, and even beanies do a great job of keeping the heat in!

At Express Knit Inc., we carry a wide variety of knit fabrics that are great for kids’ clothes. From rib knit to Liverpool knit, our fabric selection offers a knit to match every project. We even offer fun-to-touch bullet knit fabric in solid colors and prints! Browse our collection online or reach out to us any time to learn more about the selection we offer.