ITY Fabric by the Yard

Whether you design trendy clothing for yourself, or work as a boutique clothing designer, you know a lot about fabric and how different weaves drape around different types of bodies. As yarn and thread manufacturing gets better, though, new types of fabric are being created that can work for all kinds of projects in numerous sizes. One of these amazing new fabrics is ITY, or Interlock Twist Yarn.

ITY Fabric – A New Twist on Knits

Express Knit Inc. has dozens of colors and patterns of ITY fabric by the yard, or in larger quantities, shipped to your door. Here are some pro tips on how the fabric was designed and how it is best used.

The term “interlock twist yarn” can sound mysterious, but it describes a specific method of twisting the yarn in a knit fabric, leading to a natural elasticity making the fabric easy to work with, alongside a pleasing softness that will make you want to wear the garment over and over. ITY is also very durable among knit fabrics. It’s incredibly wrinkle-resistant, which means any clothing item that needs to flow benefits from this modern material. The breathability of this material is what makes it perfect for athletic wear, too.

ITY knit fabric resists “pilling” better than many other knit fabrics made from synthetic thread, which means you can wash it in a machine or by hand, and the material will react the same way. Many places sell ITY fabric, but Express Knit Inc. guarantees the highest quality for the most reasonable price.

Choose from any of the ITY print fabrics we offer at wholesale prices. You can stock up without breaking the bank.

Express Knit Inc. Has Any Knit Fabric for Any Project
We offer one of the widest selections of knit fabric online, whether it is ITY, chiffon, jersey, or other types. Check out our online catalogue or call our helpful customer service staff.