ITY Knit Fabric from a Name You Can Trust

What’s the big deal with ITY knit fabric? Well, as fabric goes, there have been relatively few innovations to the DNA of our clothing over the years. One such innovation, however, has come down the pike and that is interlock twist yarn, aka ITY. It can often be found labeled as ITY knit, ITY print fabric, or just plain ITY fabric, and is actually a blend of polyester and spandex renowned for its comfortable coolness and versatility.

ITY fabric online can now be found in a variety of places, but you won’t beat the first-rate quality, value, and reliability available here at Express Knit Inc. We’ve made ourselves one of the strongest names in the fabric community by offering an extensive range of beautiful and durable materials that can be used for just about all types of clothing. From polka-dotted sportswear to stretchy floral prints and a great deal more, we’re hard to beat. ITY fabrics, of course, are also regularly on offer.

Our fabrics are priced for maximum value and our service team at Express Knit Inc. is dedicated to making sure that designers, manufacturers, and fashionistas from just about anywhere find exactly what they need to make their work stand out on a rack or a runway. ITY fabric has changed the garment game and will continue to have a place in the fashion world for a long time to come, and Express Knit Inc. will be right there with it.

If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to Express Knit Inc. through our contact page or by calling the number above.