The Best Fabrics To Keep You Cool in the Sunshine

The Best Fabrics To Keep You Cool in the Sunshine

The sunshine can be brutal during the warmer months of the year. You don’t want to ruin your next fashionable outfit because of sweat. Let’s look at the best fabrics to keep you cool in the sunshine. Keep these fabrics in mind when looking for materials for your next summer outfit.


Linen is most likely going to be the most comfortable fabric you can wear when the weather warms up. It’s stylish, chic, and will keep you cool while you galavant during the day. Since linen creases easily, find a fabric that’s blended with cotton.

Since this breathable fabric has excellent structure, it naturally stays away from the body. An oversized shirt with a pair of wide-legged palazzo pants and wedges is the perfect summer evening outfit.

Lyocell and Bamboo

Bamboo has significant benefits during warmer weather. Besides being breathable, it also protects your skin against harmful UV-rays. Plus, it’s a super sustainable crop.

Purchase the lyocell bamboo produced using fewer chemicals. Shy away from the other processes that may use toxic chemicals that remain in the fabric and seep into the water where they’re manufactured.

Also, check the non-bamboo lyocell, model, and viscose. You should also check to ensure they’re FSC- certified. This certification means the wood isn’t coming from an irreplaceable rainforest.


Another fabric to keep you cool in the sunshine is cotton. People have trusted cotton for many years during the sunshine months. There’s something about a crisp cotton shirt or a flowy skirt to keep you cool all summer long. It’s easy to wash and breathable.


Silk is a luxurious fabric that naturally adjusts to your body temperature. This adjustment is what makes it great for the winter and summer. During warmer weather, go for a lighter version, like chiffon, crepe, jersey, or silk blended with cotton. Dense silk, especially brightly colored silk, will show any sweat patches.

If you’re going out during the evening, wear a silk jersey or flowing chiffon dress. Either of these options will help you stay cool on warm summer nights.

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