The Best Wrinkle-Free Fabrics for Your Clothing Project

The Best Wrinkle-Free Fabrics for Your Clothing Project

Wrinkled fabric is frustrating every step of the way, from when it leaves the bolt to when your customer wears it. Luckily for designers, there are a handful of materials out there that refuse to wrinkle easily and negate the need for an ironing board. Let’s explore some of the best wrinkle-free fabrics for your clothing project.


Wool is one of the most interesting fabrics a designer can work with, in part because of its naturally wrinkle-resistant nature. The unique structure of wool fibers keeps the fabric breathable and able to bounce back from a fold. Heavyweight wool is a great option for jackets, especially when selling in areas with plenty of precipitation, and felt wool is a trendy choice for hats and accessories that will stand the test of time.


Many people associate cashmere with luxury due to the price of its yarn. It’s entirely reasonable for tailors and wearers alike to hesitate about breaking out the iron for such a pricey garment. Luckily, cashmere is one of the best wrinkle-free fabrics to use for your clothing projects. Cashmere is a fantastic fabric choice for scarves, wraps, and even gloves. Keep in mind that larger projects like sweaters increase the up-front cost of designing with cashmere.

Knit Fabrics and ITY

Knit and ITY (interlock twist yarn) fabrics are accessible, fashionable, wrinkle-resistant fabrics that any designer should consider. The nature of knit fabric ensures that scrunching during storage or wear doesn’t lead to any unsightly creases. Knits also have the benefit of coming in a variety of prints and styles that make this travel-friendly fabric perfect for a number of occasions. Some garments that benefit most from knit’s wrinkle-free nature are dresses, tops, sweaters, and jackets.

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