Our Favorite Prints for Spring Clothing Projects

Our Favorite Prints for Spring Clothing Projects

Maybe you’re an avid sewer who wants to create new projects but aren’t sure what the trends are this spring. You’ve come to the right place because this blog will look at what’s trending. These are our favorite prints for spring clothing projects.


Stripes aren’t new to the fashion and clothing industry, but they’re more popular than ever. If you’re one to shy away from prints, give bold black and white stripes a try. Dominating and bold stripes have appeared all over the runways in exciting ways. Make yourself a new work blazer or trousers using adventurously striped fabric.

Retro Fusion

Geometric shapes from the 80s and 90s are all the rage in clothing. Retro prints have been arriving on the scene in different iterations, and that’s continuing this year. Look for vibrant colors and saturated materials to make your next summer blouse. A retro fusion fabric can be perfect for a pair of pants as well.

Vacation Prints

It’s no wonder why vacation prints start to show up in warmer weather. They’re fashion’s farewell to dreary, cold weather and its hello to the warm sunshine of summer. Find a fun and colorful vacation print fabric to make a new dress for your spring and summer travels.

Tea Party Florals

Floral patterns make their appearance this time of year, but the trend has shifted from big and bold florals to spread-out and subtle ones. Search for a variety of ITY fabrics for sale at Express Knit Inc. to find the perfect tea party floral print for your next spring shirt with puffy sleeves. A pair of shorts or a skort are also great options for this trend.

Grunge Plaid

Pop-punk is back! Designers noted what Gen Z has been wearing and included this darker and more distressed plaid look on their runways. If you’re looking for a classic and edgy look for the spring and summer, find a grunge plaid material to create shorts to pair with your favorite boots. It may evoke a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Have the most fashion-forward spring and summer yet! Give any of our favorite prints for spring clothing projects a try. These prints will also easily transition into summer.