The Complete Guide to Fabrics You Need for Every Season

The Complete Guide to Fabrics You Need for Every Season

There are so many materials on the market that it can be overwhelming. Is cotton perfect for staying warm in the winter? What about silk in the summer? Read this brief guide to different fabrics and discover which seasons you should wear them. Or, if you’re creating an item for a friend or family member, you’ll make an educated decision regarding the material to use based on the season.


Silk fabric has been around for centuries. Due to its expensive price point in the past, you would only find wealthy aristocrats wearing silk. It’s more widely available and accessible today, and you can find the everyday person enjoying silk dresses, tops, skirts, and more.

Silk is the perfect material for the summer or wintertime. It possesses qualities that make it a fantastic insulator. It helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Use this fabric to create:

  • Blouses
  • Dresses
  • Bedding
  • Nightgowns
  • Lingerie

It’s a highly breathable fabric with medium stretchability. If you’re seeking a sustainable material, silk is a fantastic choice, as you don’t have to worry about how biodegradable it is.

Tough To Clean Fabric

Silk fabric is challenging to clean. You could ruin a silk piece by tossing it into the washing machine. Your best bet is to take it to the dry cleaners.


Linen is one of the oldest fabrics we use. Historians have found instances of people using it all the way back to 30,000 years ago. It’s a natural fiber made from flax. The flax fibers are challenging to harvest, manufacture, and weave.

If you live in a hot and humid climate, stock up your closet with linen items. This material is perfect for summer but also great for cold weather because of its temperature-regulating properties. It’s incredibly breathable, and it dries quickly.

Purchase shorts, skirts, dresses, kitchen towels, and shirts made of linen to stay comfortable all year. You may want to think about purchasing an iron and ironing board if you don’t already own one, however, because linen wrinkles easily. A steamer is another excellent option to remove wrinkles from linen.

Care Tips

Toss your linen into the washing machine and wash them on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent to protect the linen fibers. Never use fabric softener or bleach with this fabric, and avoid placing linen clothing items into the dryer because they can shrink. Your best option is to air dry.


You may also know spandex as lycra or elastane. Scientists invented this new fabric in a lab by combining polyurethane and polyester. Polyurethane is an incredibly flexible plastic material. It’s incredibly strong and elastic, which is why you’ll often find it blended with wool, fleece, polyester, and nylon.

Spandex is excellent for both summer and winter. Its breathable qualities mean you can exercise without stifling your skin. Look for spandex blended with fleece or wool to winterize your lycra. Pack your closet with leggings, workout wear, and socks made with lycra.

Don’t dry your spandex in the dryer, and while you’re air drying the material, avoid direct sunlight. Ensure you’re washing your lycra to the exact specifications provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you’re compromising the elastic properties.

A few excellent properties of spandex are:

  • Stretchability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Resistant to wrinkles
  • Tear-resistant


Brands are trying to create more environmentally friendly options for lycra. Unfortunately, spandex isn’t always eco-friendly, so it’s important to understand the fabric’s composition before choosing it.

Fabrics Perfect for Winter

Sometimes a specific material is better for one season than another. If you live in a region with harsh winter weather, you’ll want to look for new clothing items with the following fabrics to ensure you’re warm and dry all winter.


Polyester has become increasingly popular in the clothing industry since its invention in 1941. Many people seek polyester clothing because it’s easy to care for and can endure washing. It’s also perfect for kids’ clothing since it can withstand wear and tear.

Polyester’s breathable quality is low, but it’s excellent at wicking away moisture, which makes it the perfect wintertime apparel. If you try to wear this material during the heat and humidity of summer, you’ll end up sweating more than you might like. Look for trousers, coats, suits, and outdoor clothing made from polyester.

Polyester Combinations

You’ll commonly find polyester combined with another fabric. For example, blending polyester with spandex creates an entirely new material that’s incredibly breathable and soft. This combination is known as ITY, or interlock twist yarn.

Express Knit carries ITY fabric by the yard for all your project needs. You’ll find gorgeous prints, patterns, and solid colors to create the clothing items of your dreams.


Does anything emit coziness the way fleece does? It’s easy to imagine yourself sitting next to a fire, reading a book or watching a movie, wearing your favorite fleece top, and listening to the wind howl outside.

It’s been one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Manufacturers combine polyester with wool, rayon, and cotton to create the perfect texture. Since fleece is lighter and more water-resistant than wool, it makes an excellent substitute.

Fleece is suitable for gloves, scarves, coats, hats, vests, and tops. You’ll stay warm all winter when you wear your fleece clothing outdoors. Meanwhile, you might want to stray away from wearing fleece during the summer. Your body won’t be able to breathe, and you’ll become too warm. Nobody wants to be hotter than they have to be in the scorching summer sun!

Fabrics Perfect for Summer

Just as you’ll find fabrics better for winter, there are materials better suited for summer. Cotton and viscose are two of these fabrics.


Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. It’s easy to maintain, breathable, soft, and sustainable. Since cotton retains so much moisture, it’s an ideal option for summer wear. Its characteristics make it a fantastic choice for keeping cool.


If you want the perfect summer blouse, look for any viscose clothing item. It’s a type of lightweight, soft, and water-absorbent rayon fabric. It also combines well with other materials, such as polyester, spandex, and cotton.

If you want to stay cool all summer, look for t-shirts, dresses, and other items made from viscose—you’ll beat the summer heat for sure.

Follow this fabric guide to help build up your wardrobe for every season. It can also help you decide which fabric to utilize for specific clothing items. Happy sewing!

The Complete Guide to Fabrics You Need for Every Season